Im in the jungle angular movin through like a strangler hammer poplin an knocking just like Im rocking some wrangler pyromania instantaneous flames taken ya out the trachea even crazier off ya Avia shit gets grainier niggas hat in ya transylvania,Im just here in Manhattan clapping back at the media skywalkin and press in these bitches down to car fly like expedia wikipedia says he’s uneven lean in and greasier greedier wiener all over the media pause goat get these chicks on all fours gotta get this critical shit into medical quick hysterial quick more gauze.

Jokers and jackals just cakle behind my back in the apple I get to snap in and takle all of the shackles the hassle its like I gallop with lassos Butch Cassidy on the saddle wit tobacco spit in wit my cavalry urrgh such savagery academy of digital insanity goons in my tunes so presume that its battery obesity overdose heart attack comatose comatose ambulance easily

I had to hurtle had to re- up my bubble space shuttle my hustle google my noodle double the swagga now its Nevada Vegas to haters puzzled how’d he get out the rubble thought it was razor stubble -

nah I was just tripilin thrown hooks like a fisherman guzzlen somthin interesting back of the club glisten untouchable satellite gamma rays just hitting em splitting em into quarters layin em onto rollers sprain em and displaying em like Im general motors rollin em over borders these niggas kinda sorta kinda shorta I am robot out of order out of order outtt out out out out….


keeping the fire lit
I am the isht
rappers start peelin
when they see the eye of the tiger glowing
I go in knowing
the flow is like blowing a cone of the stoniest
sit in the zone with this
around midnight my hustle’s [ thelonious ]
sorta bipolar the wrong one for you to go at
DJs call it a fwd and then they pull back
shots through your fitted we did it on em
with Lasers blocking on them
the patterns hit em
spitting thru barrels
empty the clip out and keep squeezing the trigger
until the hammers clicking
racks stack no tricking
flow sickening
subliminal tweets ass beat your door kicked in
cause its whole different era now
stadium status coliseums we tear em down
rappers need teaching
thats what it is yo’
hprizm mdot kinda nutso
ebliz on the decks to let the cuts
blue magic
a name you can trust still
so immaculate
blacking the track
backing em -down when Im in the paint
Im cracking the glass backboard
stuck in reverse ass rappers -
they hustle backwards
i reverse all hexes and bring them back to
life and resuscitate em
verses make us a major
arm arm a leg up
alpha the omega
while some made a lay up
the patterns gave us a leg up
BK NY to Portmore jamaica
over these breaks though
we turn crowds to waco
shout to my haters that didn’t want us make it
make make make em clap
when I spit that next shit on em
technically Im gone already
can’t see em stayed wavy
head honcho head hollows outta the nozzle follow
poplin like champagne bottles upon arrival
just a ghetto youth singing songs about survival
state of mind shining like pyramids over projects